tour guides & farmers

Travel update: we left Searcy, AR this afternoon at 1:15pm for the Little Rock airport. Our flight was delayed, but we finally landed in Dallas at 6:00pm, where we caught a flight for LA. We landed in the LA airport at 8pm their time and now we are here until 1:00am when we will hop on our 14 hour flight for Taipei, Taiwan. From there we have a short layover and are set to catch a two-hour flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where we are scheduled to land at 9am their time, at which point my schedule will be 12 hours ahead of normal time. Pray for safe travels for us! God has brought is safe this far.

On the flight from DFW to LAX, I was reading Velvet Elvis, which my brother got me for Christmas. Rob Bell made the point that God is already everywhere, and that as missionaries, we are never taking God anywhere, we are simply showing people where he already is.

He said that in this aspect, we could be considered “tour guides.”

God is already in Cambodia, and his love, beauty, order, and goodness is already present there. He just isn’t known! But in just a few days when we begin to teach, we get to point out his presence and tell his story to those who aren’t aware of it. What an exciting way to view this trip!

Also, in Mark 4:26-29, Jesus tells of a farmer whose job is only to scatter seed, which sprouts and grows though “he knows not how,” and relates this to the spread of the kingdom of heaven. This is something we talked about as a group earlier in the semester– that we are that farmer, and as long as we are planting seeds, God can do the growing in His own wonderful ways.

We just plant the seeds; we don’t make them grow. We just point out where God already is; we don’t take him anywhere.

So now, entering into this trip, sure, I am a “missionary.” But I am also a tour guide. I am a farmer. And God is.


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